next generation colorectal cancer screening


CRCbioscreen announces positive results of population-based mtFIT study for early detection of colorectal cancer

February 10, 2024, click here

multitarget FIT prospective intervention study in 13,000+ participants of the Dutch national colorectal cancer screening program

December 14, 2022, click here

CRCbioscreen strengthens leadership team by appointing Henri Theunissen as CEO

November 1, 2021, click here

CRCbioscreen announces publication of clinical validation data of a multitarget faecal immunochemical test for colorectal cancer screening

July 26, 2021, click here

Health˜Holland has awarded a € 1.003.275 TKI-LSH grant to NKI and CRCbioscreen  for the prospective clinical validation of a novel multitarget FIT in 13000 participants of the Dutch CRC screening program (mtFIT study)

July, 2021, click here

CRCbioscreen raises EUR 875K seed funding for developing a multitarget faecal immunochemical test for improved colorectal cancer screening

March 17, 2021, click here